A Small Gesture Provides Hope

NVOTM.Mo.Pic 8.AHOD Jr Visionaries Ms.Owens and Mr.Morris-Martin
Mo McClain volunteering at an event with AHOD Jr.
visionaries Ms. Owens and Mr. Morris-Martin 

“A small gesture can save someone’s hope in a particular life changing event,” says Takea McClain, better known as “Mo.” Her passion and pain stems in part from being homeless for over a year while holding custody of her god sister. Regardless of her circumstances, she was determined to establish a home with a positive attitude and diligent work ethic. She says, “I can get knocked down nine times, but I will get up ten!”

Having picked herself up, she now encourages others to do the same. She says, “Get things done with or without someone’s help – it’s (up to you) how much you want for yourself.” Plus, she recognizes how much one small gesture can impact a person who is taking these difficult yet positive steps.

Today Mo gives to others through an active leadership role as a board member for All Hands on Deck of Maury County, specifically including taking minutes at committee meetings, regularly scouting and posting online upcoming community events and resources, and staffing booths at community events such as the one seen in the picture above.

Belmont Student Was Served & Now Serves Others

NVOTM.Misha 2Misha Harris

When Misha Harris moved to Nashville as a freshman in high school, she and her mother lived at The Salvation Army of Nashville. Misha fondly remembers the volunteers who served them, fed them, and talked with them. She also remembers celebrating Christmas while participating in the annual Toy Giveaway. Her memories of volunteers are each positive and appreciative. Soon she and her mother found their financial footing in the area and began volunteering in the same way others had served them.

While in high school, Misha volunteered with St. Thomas Midtown Service Day as well as the same annual Toy Giveaway she had previously attended as a client. Her hard work and ethics paid off earning her a scholarship to Belmont University as a Bridges student. Her plans are two-fold: to graduate with her doctorate in sports psychology and open clinics throughout Nashville; and, to open a consulting business to work with athletes.

Misha continues volunteering throughout the Nashville area. Her experience offers her a uniquely deep understanding of the impact service has on individuals and families. “I hate to sit back and watch others not get what they need. I want to help them. Everybody needs somebody, and I want to be that somebody for people.” Misha puts it simply. “It just takes a phone call or email. People love it when you call and offer to volunteer.”

Mindful work in Music City

Abinaya.2.croppedAbinaya & her family

Writtten by: Amber Yun

Abinaya Ramakrishnan is an Ingram Scholar at Vanderbilt University, joining a small, distinguished pool of socially minded, service-oriented students who received the scholarship. Abinaya is an accomplished pre-med student, double majoring in Medicine, Health, and Society and Biological Sciences, and doing double duty volunteering at five different organizations in the Nashville community. As a trans-buddy and doula-in-training at the Vanderbilt Medical Center, a helping hand and arm of emotional support at the Alive Hospice, and a mental health educator in local middle schools and high schools through NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) in the Ending the Silence program, Abinaya has already impacted 3,000 Nashvillian lives in the past nine months alone.  

For Abinaya, service has been a part of her life from an early age. When she was nine years old, she remembers accompanying her family friends to a local branch of Feed My Starving Children, packaging dry foods for impoverished children in Africa and South Asia. Since that first taste of community service, Abinaya has continued to serve her community in increasingly consequential ways, establishing her own non-profit called Muzic Academy in the 9th grade. Muzic Academy connects music teachers and low-income students in the Chicago area, providing free private music lessons for those who otherwise could not afford them and still continues to this day. 

Although she has worked towards many issues in her community service, Abinaya’s primary passions are mental health and healthcare equality, and she sees them as recurring themes in her volunteering work. After a serious health scare in the family last year regarding her father’s heart–which he has successfully recovered from–Abinaya has been inspired to take her heart surgeon career to an underserved area like India and provide quality healthcare to indigent populations there. India, her parent’s home country, suffers from one of the highest rates of heart disease and access to quality healthcare is unpredictable. Abinaya credit her parents as pivotal motivators who “instilled the importance of education and giving back to those less fortunate.”

A New Perspective


Jordan Thomas & one of the children he serves
Written by: Katie Christ

For Jordan Thomas, volunteering is not something he does on the side, it is a way of life. At the age of sixteen, Jordan suffered a horrible accident that completely changed his life as well as his perspective on life. This accident resulted in the loss of both of his legs, and it also resulted in the creation of The Jordan Thomas Foundation.

The foundation provides prosthetics to children whose families don’t have the means to do so due to the incredibly high cost of prosthetics. They are able to supply the kids with prosthetics until they reach the age of eighteen. Jordan explains seeing the children who benefit from his foundation running, playing, and living “normal lives” reaffirms their nonprofit mission, that they are doing something good and his hard work is completely worth it. He believes volunteering gives him a sense of meaning, purpose, and perspective in his life.

Inspiring Women

NVOTM.Patricia.Cap One.jpg

July Volunteer of the Month: Patricia Leonard

Patricia Leonard is extremely passionate about empowering women. In her corporate, volunteer, and personal life her goal is to “inspire women to break through any glass ceilings through leadership and contribution.” She believes that talk is not enough – we have to act in order to empower. This is played out specifically in her volunteer life through her work with Nashville Women in Film & Television where she serves on the board and Dress for Success where she volunteers as a coach.

A unique characteristic about Patricia is her ability to listen to other people’s desires and to help make those desires a reality. Whether is it giving someone an avenue to perform or by coaching someone through starting her dream business, Patricia is excited and ready to help anyone willing to step up and ask. She inspires people to chase their dreams and to pursue what they want out of life through sharing her talents and life experiences and encouraging others to share theirs.


Written by: Katie Christ

How Sports Initiate Change


June Volunteer of the Month: Jimmy Pitts

Jimmy Pitts loves sports almost as much as he loves service. Between coaching basketball and serving on the corporate board of the Boys and Girls Club of Rutherford County, Jimmy constantly looks to improve the lives of those around him. The work of every Boys and Girls Club focuses on the underprivileged youth, surrounding them with positive influences in their most formative years.

From an early age, Jimmy remembers playing every sport from soccer to baseball with what was then his local Boys and Girls Club in Florida. He enjoyed the competition, excitement, and teamwork. Later in life the values instilled in him through the sports began shining through his life decisions. In late 2010, he became involved with the sports program at Boys and Girls Club of Rutherford County at the Smyrna location and has been coaching ever since. However, Jimmy’s passion for sports is often shadowed by his love for the children. His volunteerism is not solely focused on sharing his love for sports, but rather is an attempt to surround Smyrna youth with positive values during the years they discover themselves.


Written by: Ryan Wilson

Love in the Unreached Places


Marilin,  Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month,  with some of the people she serves at Possibility Place

Marilin Kelley is spreading love in Nashville. A recent Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) mathematics graduate, Marilin is preparing for graduate school at Virginia Tech in the Fall of 2019. In conversation with Marilin, her pursuit of knowledge is apparent, however her love for others shines more clearly than anything else. From nonprofit service with businesses such as Possibility Place and The Experience Community Church, Marilin consistently works to show others love; she is a clear example that volunteerism can give to the volunteer.

In high school, Marilin was a member and then officer of a service club. Working with organizations such as Salvation Army, Feed America First, and the Special Kids Therapy and Nursing Center encouraged her more serious involvement with volunteerism. She now works as a research assistant and substitute teacher at MTSU. Despite her aptitude for more technical studies, the social aspect of volunteering does not discourage Marilin. Rather, the diversity of volunteering inspires Marilin to learn more about her community and herself.

At Possibility Place Marilin helps developmentally disabled adults grow into independence. She also volunteers at The Experience Community Church, leading part of their middle school ministry. Marilin strives to bring love into her community, albeit in the classroom, church, or learning center. Service opens doors to see people and places one might not normally experience, and Marilin is constantly working to bring love into those unreached places.

Written by: Ryan Wilson