Patricia Green Discovers Her Purpose through Volunteering

Patricia Green

Patricia Green

For the past five years Patricia Green has volunteered as a mentor to help others change their lives and find a way out of dependency on government-assisted housing.  They’re working towards a life of financial independence and security offered by the Christian Community Services Inc. (CCSI) program.

CCSI provides a nine-month program to change lives, families and neighborhoods by providing the tools, resources, education and encouragement needed to become financially stable, becoming debt free, and eventually purchasing a home or completing their education because of money they’ve saved through the program.

Patricia meets regularly with her mentees, in person and by email, text or phone. They discuss topics of concern and expectations set for each other at the beginning of the program. During their meetings she listens and provides support and offers suggestions when needed. “I try to be motivational and positive to keep them focused on their goals,” she says.

“Volunteering has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and build some lifetime relationships with my mentees and other mentors,” Patricia says. “The love and support can be felt by all persons involved. In particular it has given me a sense of well being and has allowed me to find my purpose of serving others.”

When asked about the results she’s seen, Patricia lit up. “I’m thrilled that some of my mentees have really been able to make significant changes in their lives.  They’re using the principles taught at the weekly meetings to make lifestyle changes and from Dave Ramsey’s ‘Financial Peace’ program.“ They’re getting out of debt and improving their credit score and even saving money for a down payment on a home or to further their education.

“And I have changed in a positive way,” Patricia adds. “I love meeting people and building relationships. I have a new understanding and respect for my fellow human beings, and the program has helped me improve my own financial situation through what I’ve learned.”

Doing Good is proud to recognize Patricia Green, a member of Shrader Lane Church and an employee of Clopay, as Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month for August 2014.

Join the Conversation:  What has volunteering taught you? What organizations do you help? Where’s your passion for volunteering?

Blog Written by:  Karen E. Williams. She is a volunteer with Doing Good, an organization dedicated to promoting volunteerism.  The website is  Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month is a free program celebrating those who make a difference and inspiring others to volunteer by sharing stories of local volunteers through media partners.

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