Saving the Planet, One Bottle at a Time

Pic.Marge Davis.headshot

Marge Davis has a passion for conservation and environmental issues, especially recycling and litter control. Her commitment to the planet has earned her the title of Nashville Volunteer of the Month for March 2015.

Marge is no newcomer to volunteerism. She has been an active volunteer in Tennessee since she relocated from Maine in 1979! Her list of associations over the years makes for an impressive resume: Audubon Society, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association, Tennessee Conservation League…the list goes on!

As President of Scenic Tennessee, Inc., Marge is rallying for support of a refundable deposit on beverage containers. This has been a ten year mission, with potential benefit to our land and communities through reduction of litter, increased recycling, new jobs, new businesses – and more!

Marge’s wide skillset has allowed her to design websites, lobby legislators and write opinion pieces. She has organized blood drives, yard sales a cross-state bicycle ride. A month-long filmmaking tour resulted in the award-winning film, “Love the Land, Lose the Litter.” Marge has traveled to Zimbabwe to write about schoolgirls and AIDS. She’s learned how bricks are made, toured an underground gunpowder magazine and climbed a 300-foot treehouse.

When asked why she volunteers, Marge responded, “Three reasons: I’m an idealist, a busybody and a cheapskate. My idealism makes it hard for me to ignore things that I believe can and should be changed. The busybody in me compels me to try to intervene. And the cheapskate in me loves that the adventures, travels and learning experiences that come with volunteering are more fun and more meaningful than any commercial vacation.”


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