Choosing His Alternative Encore Career

For most, retirement is a time of slower days and relaxation. But that’s not the case for William Dirl. After retiring from his 29-year career as the Field Director with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Bill—as his friends affectionately call him—began to focus his next (and possibly most rewarding) career: giving back.

Bill spends countless hours working on a variety of causes but those nearest to him involve affordable housing, cancer education, and providing re-entry skills for ex-offenders. “I volunteer because of the charge that I have always had in life to give my time and talents for the good of all,” Dirl shares.

It becomes clear, in just a few short minutes of speaking to Bill, his passion is to educate people on better opportunities, whether it is a first time homebuyer, a family of a cancer patient, or an ex-offender needing career readiness. His optimism and calm demeanor is important and appreciated as he counsels people through some of the heaviest conversations one can have concerning their life.

His life and career have been the training ground for this next phase. With an early career in the military and his time with HUD, he understands what it takes to connect with people. He has a compassionate way of tapping into how to help someone through his or her greatest challenges, while keeping calm. It is that skill that becomes most appreciated and valuable when volunteering.

While he is an avid golfer, his true score comes from rolling up his sleeves and working with organizations like G.A.P Community Development Resources, The Cervical Cancer Coalition of Tennessee, Music City Toastmasters, Mental Health Cooperative, Fisk University, and his church, Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church where he teaches Sunday School.

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