“Every Flower Grows Through Dirt”

Photo.Alexandria McInnis1

Alexandria Giving Flowers to a Guest at Donelson Rehabilitation Center

Today Alexandria says, “I love talking to young girls about my growing pains and want to share it with them to grow into something beautiful as a flower. The Cervical Cancer Coalition helps bring that empowerment piece because many girls are not protecting their bodies and think they are immune.” To further her passion for growing and flowering, she brings flowers to clients at Donelson Rehabilitation Center, Alive Hospice and members of her personal church who are sick. As she knowingly says to encourage each of us, “Every flower grows through dirt.”

Her passion for giving back stems from family roots. Following the death of her mother, Alexandria’s grandparents Roy and Dorothy Houston took in her and her sister as their own. The love and sacrifices her grandparents made helped shape and start a spark of passion for volunteering inside her. As a child, Alexandria “Baby” Houston McInnis became active by joining her local Girl Scouts chapter and frequently volunteering at church. She went on to volunteer for a variety of non-profits including Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Mid-South, Oasis Center and Cervical Cancer Coalition of Tennessee.


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