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Volunteerism…a state of mind

Photo.Jeff Sexton.Mayor Dean

Jeff Sexton with (now former) Mayor Karl Dean

Jeff Sexton took a leap of faith nearly five years ago when he and his wife, Donna, established the Fairlane Park Neighborhood Association.

Fairlane Park consists of 355 homes in the South Nashville area. The goal was to unite the community and reach out to fellow neighbors.

Sexton says he wants local neighborhoods to be three things:

  1. safe
  2. friendly
  3. clean

Sexton strives for this by volunteering not only with the neighborhood association, but also with ThriftSmart, the Neighborhood Resource Center, Metro Nashville Police Department, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods and the Nashville Rescue Mission.

Sexton believes all people are capable of doing great things. As someone who works 40 hours per week and actively volunteers on a regular basis, he is living proof.

“Volunteerism has to be a state of mind,” Sexton says.

Sexton is a firm believer in working together for a greater cause to help others: “When we change our thinking from ‘me’ to ‘we,’ our thinking becomes more clear!”


Claire Brown, Doing Good volunteer, is a senior public relations major at Lipscomb University. She currently serves as the media relations coordinator for the Global Action Platform Summit. She has served as an intern for Exile International and is a budding expert in social media marketing and public relations writing. Claire graduates in May and wants to stay in the Nashville area.