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Belmont Student Was Served & Now Serves Others

NVOTM.Misha 2Misha Harris

When Misha Harris moved to Nashville as a freshman in high school, she and her mother lived at The Salvation Army of Nashville. Misha fondly remembers the volunteers who served them, fed them, and talked with them. She also remembers celebrating Christmas while participating in the annual Toy Giveaway. Her memories of volunteers are each positive and appreciative. Soon she and her mother found their financial footing in the area and began volunteering in the same way others had served them.

While in high school, Misha volunteered with St. Thomas Midtown Service Day as well as the same annual Toy Giveaway she had previously attended as a client. Her hard work and ethics paid off earning her a scholarship to Belmont University as a Bridges student. Her plans are two-fold: to graduate with her doctorate in sports psychology and open clinics throughout Nashville; and, to open a consulting business to work with athletes.

Misha continues volunteering throughout the Nashville area. Her experience offers her a uniquely deep understanding of the impact service has on individuals and families. β€œI hate to sit back and watch others not get what they need. I want to help them. Everybody needs somebody, and I want to be that somebody for people.” Misha puts it simply. β€œIt just takes a phone call or email. People love it when you call and offer to volunteer.”