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Inspiring Women

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July Volunteer of the Month: Patricia Leonard

Patricia Leonard is extremely passionate about empowering women. In her corporate, volunteer, and personal life her goal is to “inspire women to break through any glass ceilings through leadership and contribution.” She believes that talk is not enough – we have to act in order to empower. This is played out specifically in her volunteer life through her work with Nashville Women in Film & Television where she serves on the board and Dress for Success where she volunteers as a coach.

A unique characteristic about Patricia is her ability to listen to other people’s desires and to help make those desires a reality. Whether is it giving someone an avenue to perform or by coaching someone through starting her dream business, Patricia is excited and ready to help anyone willing to step up and ask. She inspires people to chase their dreams and to pursue what they want out of life through sharing her talents and life experiences and encouraging others to share theirs.


Written by: Katie Christ

July Nashville Volunteer of the Month


Written By: Meg Provenzale

Jeremy Bradford has been nominated as July’s Volunteer of Month. His desire to give back to the community goes unnoticed in the many organizations he volunteers for. These organizations include, The Nashville Sports Council, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jeremy’s drive to help others began at a young age when he started volunteering at his family’s church. Working as a youth leader as well as worship leader Jeremy emphasized how important the group of thirty students was to him, “I tried my best. It wasn’t because I wanted money it’s because I cared about those 22 or 25 and I wanted them to have an experience.  I wanted to take the initiative and give, even at that early age, give to that church.”

His childhood and the circumstances he grew up in inspired him to give back to others. “There are a lot of great people that have invested into my life whether it was in middle school, high school, my church or my parents so I just felt like it was time for me to give back as much as I could into the community of Nashville and to other people’s lives. I really felt that calling and that responsibility.”

Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month is a program of Doing Good, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization which educates and inspires people by celebrating the real stories of real people who volunteer. For additional information about Jeremy, Doing Good, or other volunteers, visit the website or @DoingGoodTV on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube


Doing Good is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides marketing and public relations tools, resources, and opportunities to nonprofit and government agencies to celebrate their volunteers.


Better Teeth for a Better World

Andy Flipse

Written by: Zac Cooper

When was the last time you flossed? Was it yesterday? Last month? Whenever it was, you probably understand why it is important. Flossing techniques are drilled into many of our heads, and we take it for granted as common knowledge. For individuals without such a background, gum infections and abscesses may be the standard way of life. Dr. Andy Flipse is one such individual who works towards equalizing this knowledge and access to dental care.

Initially trained to work in the music industry, Dr. Flipse went back to school in his mid-forties to become a dentist. He was the oldest student in his class at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Dr. Flipse notes that his guitar experience and having strong finger dexterity gave him a leg up on dentist students without musical backgrounds. His musical training supported the physicality of surgical procedures, and it also added to the psychological dimension of dentistry.

“You develop your heart in music,” Dr. Flipse explains. “You develop compassion, you have an open heart,” which all contributes to a more loving relationship with his patients.

Dr. Flipse volunteers at the Interfaith Dental Clinic, a Murfreesboro nonprofit that provides affordable dental care to the working poor. The clinic’s volunteers and full time workers have used its state-of-the-art gear to contribute over $5 million in care to over 2,500 patients. Dr. Flipse is honored for his outstanding volunteer work, contributing over 80 hours to the Interfaith Dental Clinic. However, he wants to be clear that he is not alone: “I am just one of many dentists who are passionate and selfless about volunteering their time.”

Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month is a program of Doing Good, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization which educates and inspires people by celebrating the real stories of real people who volunteer. For additional information about Dr. Flipse, Doing Good, or other volunteers, visit the website or @DoingGoodTV on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.





Haircuts for a Confident Community

Uncle Classic Barbershop

Written by Zac Cooper

Uncle Classic Barbershop has been chosen as the December Volunteer of the Month due to their Giveback programming, which occurs around once a month. Working off the clock, barbers will volunteer at local nonprofits such as Park Center Nashville, which empowers people who have mental illness and substance use disorders and Centerstone Nashville, which delivers community-based behavioral health care. These barbers deliver high quality haircuts and conversation to individuals in need.

Amy Tangsley, the founder of Uncle Classic Barbers, imbues her company culture with a healthy sense of community focus. Uncle Classic fits in the space between an old-school salon for women and a widespread chain that is indifferent to the local culture. Although Uncle Classic may look like a chain on the surface, it is rooted locally and engaged in the Nashville community.

“If you’re not intentional about your company culture,” she says, “it will create itself.” Amy has directed the culture to be more community and people oriented, as opposed to just taking in and churning out customers. She notes that there is a major difference in how she frames her work. She could say, “I own a barbershop and we cut hair.” This is true, but it ignores the fundamental aspect of why she works every day. Instead, she owns a barbershop and they take care of people. This mindset of taking care of others trickles through in each of Uncle Classic’s locations in Brentwood, Belle Meade, Cool Springs, Hillsboro Village, and Nolensville.


Sheyla Paz Hicks Talent Helps Others Achieve Their Goals


Sheyla Paz Hicks

With a growing and increasingly influential Hispanic community in Middle Tennessee, it’s essential to have someone who can facilitate communication in both Spanish and English. Sheyla Paz Hicks has been filling that role and helping others achieve their goals in the film industry as a volunteer board member for Women in Film and Television, Nashville, Inc. (WIFTNa). She spends at least 50 percent of her time volunteering as the organization’s Communications Director. She spends the other 50 percent of her time operating her video production company, Paz Communications.

“I don’t look at my activities with WIFTNa as volunteerism,” Sheyla says, “but rather I see them as a way to help others achieve their goals. Volunteering is also a way to be involved in the things that matter in our community so we have a better society.” While working with others who share the same goals Sheyla has learned new ways of doing things that help other people, and she has made great friends along the way. She believes her efforts in helping others will pay back in the form of additional business for herself in the future.

As Communications Director for WIFTNa Sheyla uses all of her skills to get the organization’s messages out to the filmmaking and television community. She recently completed a video that helped attract seven attendees to a three-day filmmaking academy. Her next project is to prepare the social media and organize the media relations for the WIFTNa’s First Annual drive-in film screening and fundraiser. “I use almost all of my skills as a communicator to spread the word about WIFT, including event planning, fundraising, photography, social media and press releases to attract new members, volunteers and sponsors,” she says.

Sheyla is a native of Cuba who came to the Nashville 14 years ago because her husband (a Kentucky native), brought her here. In addition to her work with the Women in Film and Television, Sheyla has volunteered with the American Cancer Society, Go Red for Women, Metro Nashville Public Schools and the Nashville Film Festival. She says that the WiFT and American Cancer Society are her favorites, particularly since her mother is a breast cancer survivor. She is passionate about her culture, her work, health and education. She makes the time to support all her interests while using her expertise to benefit others.

Doing Good is proud to recognize Sheyla Paz Hicks as Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month for July 2014.

Join the Conversation:  What talents do you use to help others? What organizations do you help? Where’s your passion for volunteering?

Blog Written by:  Karen E. Williams. She is a volunteer with Doing Good, an organization dedicated to promoting volunteerism.  The website is  Nashvilles Volunteer of the Month is a free program celebrating those who make a difference and inspiring others to volunteer by sharing stories of local volunteers through media partners.